Brief and Simple

I believe that God set things up such that when we have a thought that BELIEVES the Truth of God, then we experience peace/joy.  (…you will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free).  When we have a thought that BELIEVES something that isn’t True, then we get depression/anxiety/anger, etc.  We can influence  our happiness (joy/peace) by controlling our thoughts/beliefs, not by controlling our circumstances.  Few know this and fewer want to do it this way.


4 thoughts on “Brief and Simple

  1. This is the point that has me stumped. I do believe! I know Gods word is true and believe it unequivocably. He is God … incapable of anything other than perfect truth. I know I need not earn anything. Thats impossible and also unseemly as God has gifted all. Yet ….. maybe its a simple matter of like when the apostles wouldnt stay awake to watch for Jesus…”the spirit is willing but……..” ya think?

    • I think you are saying that you understand this intellectually, but the “believing” doesn’t just come automatically. You know it’s True in your mind. But your heart doesn’t readily accept it as True in the sense that your heart easily accepts it as True when you, for example, see a Rolls Royce drive by, and when your friend says, “Look at that Rolls Royce!” and your eyes see it, then you have no doubt you have seen an actual Rolls Royce. You have no difficulty accepting the truth of that. In the RR example, there is no doubt to contend with. Do I understand your issue?

      I can only tell you how this has been for me. But I can also tell you that I’ve blogged about this matter (how we can extinguish doubt in our “heart” as opposed to our mind) and I’ve never had an objection from a reader. So, with those caveats, here is my response.

      When there is something that my mind recognizes that is True because God has said it but my heart isn’t so ready to accept it, I speak it to myself or to God over and over again. I go into the mode of convincing myself. It’s a form of self-talk, which I believe is “renewing my mind”. I recognize that there is something about my natural mind that may not want to accept it. But I argue against my natural mind with another “part” of me. Perhaps it’s my spirit or The Spirit or my “will”. But there is something in me that wants to believe it (because I know the peace/joy that awaits me as I believe it) and so I repeat it to myself, ask God to help me believe it, perhaps I write about it, meditate on it.

      Hypothetical example: Say that I realize during a work day that I am feeling “threatened” by my circumstances. There just appears to be way too much to do. I begin to fear that I can’t get it all done. That certainly some important things will “slip through the cracks” and will have bad consequences for me. Well, since I am experiencing fear, I know right away that what I’m thinking can’t be True. Instead of this fear, I want to believe that God is in charge and all is well and (Romans 8:28) everything that happens God will work toward my good as I believe this is True. And I know that I can trust God in this to manage my “affairs” for me so that I will experience positive outcomes. So, I want to believe in my heart that these positive, True thoughts are, in fact True. So, I pause in my day and begin to repeat the verses to myself that reflect these positive Truths. Over and over again. In many different ways. Perhaps I begin talking to Dad about the matter and make affirmations that I know that these positive Truths are True. Perhaps I ask Him why I’m having these doubts and tell Him I know my doubts are false. Perhaps I go to scripture or blogs or books or sermons/videos to try to get convinced that these positive thoughts are True. Perhaps I sit down and write about the matter, writing to my heart that the positive thoughts/beliefs are True. Let’s call all these activities (the ones to convince my own “heart” that these positive Truths are True) various forms of “meditation”. I may meditate in these various ways for quite a while. Slowly, I find my fear go away. Perhaps not 100%. But significantly. But often 100%.

      So, for me there are practices in which I can engage that help my mind to convince my heart that this is True. As I succeed, I experience Fruit.

      Please ask me to say this another way if my words aren’t very helpful to you here. What I’ve written here is a very important part of my experiencing the Fruit I want so desperately.

      • Remember Sky that we are living in a world of “sight” (the natural world that we perceive with our senses) but the peace/joy is found in the world of Faith that we are to perceive with our beliefs based on what God has said). So, in effect, (I think this is right) we are to believe that there is a Rolls Royce driving by, not because we can SEE it (senses) but because God has said that it is so (Faith). I think this is difficult to do and requires work on our part (John 6 again).

        Now, at least in my experience, as we learn to trust this life of Faith, as we find that by choosing to believe that a Rolls Royce is driving by (I use various forms of meditation and prayer to work toward believing) because God has said this, when we can’t see one with our physical eyes, and as we have this Faith experience again and again that, in fact, although we couldn’t see a Rolls at the time with our physical eyes but find out through our Faith experience that there really WAS one there we grow to trust our “eyes of Faith” and it becomes easier and easier to trust what God has said when it conflicts with what our physical eyes see. But, I think this grows as we practice and have experiences. I hope this isn’t confusing or unclearly written. Please ask me to clarify if needed.

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