Condemnation at the Root

I heard a teacher say that God specifically told him that at the root (the root cause) of all the problems/failures/pain in our lives is a result of our believing, perhaps very deep down where it’s hard to identify, that we are condemned in some sense (definition: not good enough or going to get in trouble or feeling like we failed or we’re embarrassed etc).  It’s this sense of condemnation, for example, that makes us want to escape from these thoughts/feelings by getting into our addictions (porn, shopping, alcohol, overworking, and so many more).  Since it’s untrue that we are condemned, then many of our problems and much of our pain goes away when we believe we  are highly favored by God rather than condemned.  As always, the Truth sets us FREE!!!!!!  The Truth is so very sweet that we feel free when we think about it, ponder it, believe it.


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