Ever Play a Computer Game About Shooting Down Aircraft?

I want to communicate that I experience a similarity between that kind of game AND what goes on in my mind all day long.  As I go through my day, just like these computer aircraft appear in the game, untrue thoughts come into my mind pretty much all day long. I know when one has come along because I experience sadness or fear or frustration, etc.  These emotions prompt me to try to figure out what I’m thinking that’s untrue.  I “shoot down” untrue thoughts when I have them by recognizing them as untrue and then “shooting them down” with the Truth of God that contradicts the untruth.   I don’t always hit these thoughts with the first shot.  But I usually can shoot them down and get my peace/joy back.

I get worried you think I do this to try to be “a good Christian”.  I don’t do it for this reason.  I do it because it’s the best way I’ve found to maintain my peace/joy.


One thought on “Ever Play a Computer Game About Shooting Down Aircraft?

  1. I really like this post Rick. I have been shown a mataphor for this process too, these imageries ( similar to Jesus’s parables ) are taking something abstractly eternal and bringing it into our realm so we can sense it. I love it! You are describing the spiritual warfare of Ephesians 6. The battle is the Lords but we have to show up and say YES!

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