I’m Thinking of Documenting All of My Thoughts for One Hour

If you could be in my head, you’d know that I think thoughts all day long virtually every day that make me sad or anxious.  It goes like this:

1.  When I feel sad or anxious, I try to identify what I was just thinking (or believing) that caused the bad feelings.  I’ve gotten to where I usually can.

2.  I inspect the identified thought/belief to see if it is contrary to what God says.  I’ve learned that 100% of the time, it contradicts what God says. Once I identify it, I then select what scripture is the TRUTH about the matter.

3.  I rehearse (I use this word instead of meditation) that TRUTH again and again.  I feel my sadness and anxiety dwindle away. Works every single time!


Someday I’d like this project: To document every thought of this type I have in a day and the mind-battle that goes on all day long as I correct/neutralize the untrue thought with the TRUTH and my bad feelings leave. I wonder if it would help anyone if they could actually “see” my mind at work.


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