Enjoying the wonderful life God is giving you as a gift ? Or are you working hard to build a wonderful life for yourself (that you don’t already have) with your own efforts?

What I’m talking about in this blog is kinda like what the gurus call “enlightenment”.  It’s kinda like finding the answer that satisfies your soul, and being able to go to that answer again and again to stay happy, stable, confident, unafraid, etc.

Do you work hard every day to try to improve your life for yourself and those you love? Ask this question of yourself right now:  Are you doing something today that you believe will make you happier and your life better? If so, do you feel pressure to get that “something” done because you think it will make you feel better?   All of this, in my view, is a form of “self-righteousness”.  In other words, trying to build a great life life with your own efforts.   That way of life is a way of self-reliance, self-righteousness, comparing to the performance of others, evaluating how well YOU’VE done to put your OWN life together, feelings of elation when you succeed, discouragement and depression when you don’t.


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