Note Your Objections

I would think that questions must be jumping into your head that would need to have great answers if you were to give these writings any credibility.  Like, “Wait a minute!  That can’t be true because blah, blah, blah, blah.” Get those questions answered.  The prize that’s waiting for you is very worth it.


How to Work Toward Accomplishing What’s Written in the Post Below on Fear and Sadness

The answer is in the March 7 post on “Computer Games”.  For me, I have to correct my thinking, renew my mind, lose my sadness and fear, literally every 10 minutes all day long every day.  My mind (in the natural) is filled with sad thoughts and scary thoughts all day every day.  I know they aren’t Truth.  But, my flesh (me, in the “natural”) keeps accusing me.  I’ve gotten very good at fending them off without hurting me.  But, I’m constantly working on this mental process.

Many radical grace teachers say that the only “work” we are commanded to do is the “work” of believing.  This doesn’t mean that we don’t do other good things because we do.

Bad Temper

I’ve had an occasional bad temper.  But, really bad.  Verbally abusive.  I’ve hated this attribute of mine. I’m always apologetic and deeply saddened when I blow up. And I KNOW, KNOW, KNOW it’s not because I haven’t tried to be so explosive.  NO ONE has tried harder than me.

As I grow in believing the Truth (which I hold to be what’s on this blog, among other Truth that hasn’t found it’s way to this blog) I find that my explosive temper is going away noticeably.

I now believe that the source of my temper all along has been this: How HARD I’VE WORKED in so many areas of my life to be self-righteous but always known I’ve failed miserably = self-loathing. One way or another, every hour of every day was an attempt to “be good enough” in one way or another.  But, it ended up being hopeless = depression.

Let’s Not Call It Meditation. Let’s Call It Rehearsing.

Meditation has always seemed like a confusing idea that only gurus understand.  Not true.  I think it’s nothing more than clearing your mind of untruth. Doing this by revisiting, focusing, rehearsing what you know to be true, but have a hard time keeping present in your mind and in your feelings. It’s a form of practicing the Truth.  This is why it can bring peace/joy.  Defined like this, I really do meditate much of each day.

A Random Email I Wrote and Sent Today to a Friend on the Search for Peace/Joy

(1) I really want you to listen to this link/audio file.  It has to do with death. I know this guy personally. It’s really good news.

(2) I’m trying to briefly and clearly record all the Truth I know that relates to the quest for peace and joy (which is your quest, as it is all of ours) in the blog You could find some nuggets there that you may value way more than any amount of financial gain.

(3) I think you’ll know you have gained The Truth when you have a peace/joy that seems new and different than ever before. It’s True.  It’s real.  It’s really available. I know there is an element of  “diligent seeking” involved and required as it says in Hebrews.
(4) I literally would not trade any possession or financial gain for the Truth I’ve been offered.  Any possession is worth much less to me.  Not even close.

No Fear of Future…No Sadness About Past

Most people are dealing with, thinking about and mulling not ONLY the matters of their present day, but also ruminating on regrets from the past (called depression) and fears about the future (called anxiety).  It’s my view (held strongly, with certainty) that we are NOT required to and actually are not ABLE TO cope with (carry) the burdens of the past present and future.  God has taken care of the past and the future.  He’s only equipped us and expects us to deal with the present.  If you can accomplish this, you will find your depression and anxiety will vanish.  Yippee! But, how do you get rid of those plaguing thoughts about the past and future?  Read the other posts and you’ll find my view (and my experience) on this.

A post-script: When I write things like this, if you aren’t deeply impacted, then either (a) you don’t get it or (b) you already got it a long time ago so you don’t have a sense of a new revelation.