Think back to a time when you had done something really bad, really serious, really evil and you were being investigated…perhaps soon found out.  Do you remember the crushing weight of the fear you felt as the threat of “judgement” (someone else finding out who can deliver severe punishment of some kind) loomed?  Do you remember wishing so strongly that you could go back and un-do what you did?  Then, did you ever have it happen that in fact, you never were found out?  You got a free pass.  Do you remember how joyful and thankful and free you felt?  Wasn’t that a great feeling?

Well, for Christians who experience guilt in any of it’s manifestations, you can entirely change how you feel about your life and live virtually every day with the joy and thankfulness in the example above.  As if you had just gotten “lucky” and gotten out of big, massive, scary trouble.  I’m thinking that you no longer need to feel guilty about anything.  God says, “As sin abounds, grace abounds all the more.”

Now, if you think that can’t be the true Gospel because that Gospel would lead us all to do all kinds of bad things, know that that is a common reaction.   Great question and a common one to have if you haven’t yet fully understood the grace (unmerited favor) of God.  For longer discussion of how the grace of God doesn’t lead us to sin, click the link below.

As I told you before, I’ve lived under lots of guilt even as a Christian.   Now that I’ve more fully understood the grace of God, I practice/rehearse believing that there is no condemnation for me (or any other Christian)of any kind.  My guilt, and with it almost all of my depression, is gone.


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