A man whom I’ve known well for 30 years and who had always suffered with depression had always affirmed that he was entirely free from the guilt-burden of his sin.  In other words, he was sure that his depression didn’t stem from a guilt burden. Yes, he knew he was a sinner.  But was convinced he had fully accepted the Grace of God.

But, when I spoke to him recently, he said that, after so many years,  his depression was now entirely gone and that, as it turned out, it HAD been caused by a form of guilt that had been largely hidden from him.  And that as he (recently) started to fully understand the fuller grace of God, his depression had vanished.

Here’s the point: If you think you don’t suffer from a sense of condemnation, yet you are depressed/angry/anxious/etc., don’t be so sure that you don’t have deep seeded condemnation. Yes, I think I could tell you if you have a hidden sense of condemnation leading to depression/anxiety, etc.


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