Some people believe the Gospel a little bit but not entirely.  Perhaps they believe it to a (let’s say) a 10% level but have 90% doubt on the matter. What about 1%  belief vs. 99 doubt%?  Does God find this kind of faith/doubt blend acceptable?  Will he give us what we ask for if we ask with this much doubt mixed into our faith? I say yes which much certainty.  I believe that the smallest seed of faith/belief is acceptable to God and that He treats it as complete faith if we choose to act in it.

For example, in the matter of salvation (but the following dynamic, I believe, operates in other spiritual matters beside salvation as well) if one asks God that the ransom paid by Jesus would cover his sins, but in asking the person is only 1% sure that God even exists, I believe that person would be saved.  And we know that the 1% faith exists in the person because if we had zero faith, we would not approach God or ask for forgiveness at all.

Said another way, faith/belief is accepted by God if it causes us to approach God and ask Him for salvation (or any other request we may have AFTER salvation).  Much more to say here but I keep trying to be brief.  If there’s interest in further discussion on this matter, I can write a more detailed post if the request is made by someone.


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