Your emotions result from your thoughts/beliefs.  When, for example, you feel sad, if you look diligently inside yourself, you should be able to find the thought or belief that you are pondering (even subconsciously) at the very time you felt sad.   I believe this is 100% of the time.  Emotions come from thoughts/beliefs. Now, here’s a second point that’s VITAL. Once you find the thought that is making you sad (or angry or scared or any other painful emotion), you will find that that thought is untrue when you compare it to what God would say about the matter.  (However, most Christians never know the words of God well enough to even know what God may say on the matter.  If you do not know the words of God, you will not be able to find peace/joy.) Once you identify the untrue thought that has caused your emotional pain, you must  find in the words of God what IS true about the matter.  Often this is a Bible verse.  Then meditate (think it, pray about it, speak it) in an attempt to REPLACE the untrue thought/belief you were thinking with the TRUE thought/belief you found in the words of God.  YOU WILL FIND YOUR SADNESS, ANGER, FEAR MELT AWAY as you begin to believe the Truth rather than untruth.  Jesus said, “You will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.”   This feeling of freedom is exactly what happens when we replace untruth with Truth.

Most people don’t replace untruth with Truth.  Instead they try to DROWN OUT the painful (and untrue) thought/belief in one way or another:  alcohol, hard work, shopping, TV, entertainment.  Yes, there can be some temporary relief from this.  But, it won’t last. The darkness (untruth) must be replaced with Truth.


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