We Don’t Really Want Cars, Houses, Money or to Be a Good Person

What every person wants is the peace/joy that we think we can gain by acquiring cars, house, money, being a good person, etc.  These things are a means to and end – that end being peace/joy.  You can tell what each person thinks will best bring him peace/joy by what he WORKS for.  Some want money.  Some to do good deeds to be a “good person”.  Some want to lose weight or have new clothes.  Some pursue education or career status.  Most pursue various relationships.  But, all these things are not valuable in themselves. It’s just that people think that they will lead to peace/joy, which is what everyone is ultimately after in this life.

More than anything, I work for the Truth because I’ve found that it brings peace/joy which is what I want most deeply, as all do.


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