You probably believe this:  When things (circumstances) go well for you, that will cause you to be happy (peace and joy).  When things don’t go well, that will cause you to be either sad or anxious or angry or some other negative emotion.  Basically, you won’t be happy. Let’s look at this a little closer.  I’m going to be arguing here that our feelings (good or bad) come not directly from the circumstances of our lives but from what we BELIEVE about our circumstances.  Let’s do a thought experiment to test this idea.

Hypothetical:  Let’s say that you are experiencing severe financial distress and all the emotional pain of fear, discouragement, etc.   Can’t pay the bills.  Yet, unknown to you, a distant relative who lives in another country has left you $10 million in a foreign bank account that you’ve never been told about.  So, you’re wealthy, in reality.  But, you don’t know that you are.  Yet, your feelings are not caused by the REALITY of your wealth.  They are caused by the MISTAKEN REALITY of what you believe – that you are broke. If you knew and believed that you had the $10 million, you would not be in emotional distress about your finances.  I’m trying to be brief.  This paragraph may not adequately make my point.  Let me know.



  1. This post here is like the “core” of your spiritual epiphany, am I right? I really get this intellectually. I totally know that I am infinitely wealthy through Christ, that He will NEVER leave me nor forsake me and that He owns the cattle on a thousand hills and that I will not, ever be without a future of eternal happiness and joy and heavenly intimacy with Jesus AS God, Father, Holy Spirit, Life itself. And yet…….today life on earth is bearing down heavy on me, there are troubles right here in river city HA! More to do than i can do, something to lift that I cannot lift, relationships too confusing to describe, hell is people etc. A window to open that is stuck shut. Those kinds of oh so dramatic metaphors. And I still have my sense of humor too, by grace. All is grace, I know this. But ……. and therein is the problem eh? The But.

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