OK – For You Atheists

You should be accusing me of this:  Dude, all you wanted was to feel good.  You were like a drug addict.  You were willing to swallow ANY philosophy if it would make you feel good.  This invalidates your claims

My response: If you’re right and there is no God, then there is no objective right and wrong in the universe, so it can’t be “wrong” to choose to believe something because it gives me peace/joy. If there is no right and wrong, then it can’t be morally better to believe what is true vs. believing something that is factually untrue.  If there is no God, then there is no one to whom I must give account. I can believe whatever brings me peace and joy.  You can’t logically object to this

However, as for me, I think I’ve found the Truth.  I have lots of reasons that I’ve acquired over 30 years.  It would take a long time to explain them to you.  But, I would.

By the way, if you went out and examined every other doctrine of belief, you would not experience the peace/joy that I’ve experienced.  There is no other. I looked for 30 years.


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