I’ve Been in the Zone for a Year

I’d like to tell you a little more about what I’ve experienced that’s been life changing. Have you ever had the experience of suddenly having everything just start to make sense?  Let’s say you were trying to learn how to sew.  You work for years and sewing seems difficult.  Then suddenly, you can just breeze through difficult sewing projects.  Or say you’ve worked hard to learn golf for many years.  Then, all of a sudden one day, you go out, the complexity is gone, the game seems so much more simple, and your score gets better.  I know this kind of experience is rare.  But many of us have it at least once, even in a “minor” area.   That’s kind of how it’s been with me in regards to my relentless search for peace/joy.  It just seems to have clicked.  I understand how to find it and to keep it.  It’s characterized most of the last year for me.  And there are no “improved circumstances” to explain it.


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