For Starters

As far as I can tell, I have only one motive to begin writing this blog:  to give you what’s been given to me: durable peace and joy.  I’m going to remain anonymous as I write because my name isn’t important.

Durable peace and joy? Yes, I’ve suffered with depression and anxiety for 40 years.  Most of my activities every day for this period has been, in one way or another,  to search for peace and joy, which has been elusive.  In January of 2012, I came across a preacher/teacher online who would change my life. The very first message I heard from him gave me an immense sense of well-being, peace and joy.  After that, I couldn’t get enough.  And peace/joy has characterized most of 2012, the first time I’ve experienced this since around 1969, my senior year in high school.

I think so often about how I can share this with others.  For me, it almost feels like all my needs have now been taken care of.  And I’m finding that in being in that wonderful place, what I seem to want to do for recreation is to try to help others out of their depression, fear, anger, etc.  It’s like this is all I want to talk about.  And, it makes sense that this would be all I’d want to talk about.  It’s THAT GOOD!!!

Another thought:   I am really going to try to write my posts with the fewest words I can use and still have a chance of pointing you to the gift that’s been given to me.  But, know that behind these words, are many more words of clarification, validation and elaboration.  But, I’m not going to give all that detail.  Perhaps we can do that in person.

I believe that this gift is offered to anyone who is interested.  So, IF you are interested, I believe this proves that it’s intended for you.  Do NOT believe it’s not being offered to you.


One thought on “For Starters

  1. ok I’m starting with your first post, lots to read. It sounds alot like what you are currently saying. It’ll be interesting to see how things have evolved for you this year. I am definitely interested, soon as I can get a grip on whats real.

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